Sales Team Get Hands On with New Lainox Products

Team impressed with new Reloaded Combis

Last week saw our entire Sales Team spend time in our development kitchen getting to know some of our great new Lainox products. Lainox chefs Allessandro and Ruiraidh, ably supported by our own development chef Shaune demonstrated the new and improved NABOO and SAPIENS controls, which enhance what was already two great types of combi oven.

This type of hands-on, practical training is a really important part of our support to customers as in many instances it is our area sales managers who deliver on-site combi training to end users across the country. Being able to see for themselves how the ovens operate and the new features and benefits they deliver to the user helps to ensure they will be able to pass all this information to our combi customers in an easy and practical way.

Shaune said “I was already a fan of the NABOO oven, having worked with it for the last 6 months but NABOO reloaded really does take it to another level - easier to use, you can start cooking even faster than before and the NABOOK cloud interface offers a wide range of benefits to chefs and owners alike. As for SAPIENS, the new look and interface really does transform this oven and makes it so much more user friendly than previous models.” 

More information on all our new Lainox products is coming soon...

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