new vario-therm product range launched

New products make it easy to cook, chill, regen, transport and serve

F2HR-thumb.jpgFalcon has developed a completely new range of products aimed primarily at the healthcare and educational catering sectors.  The Vario-Therm Series comprises an innovative product line headlined by meal delivery trolleys with highly advanced features.  Other products in the range include regen ovens, microwave ovens and food servery trolleys.  Collectively they will cook, chill, regen and transport meals safely and efficiently.  The range is designed for operations where high volumes of meals are served.

Typical of the advanced technologies of the Vario-Therm meal delivery trolleys is the optional connectivity feature, which takes HACCP recording to the next level. With the ability to constantly monitor, record and store data for up to five years, Vario-Therm meal delivery trolleys will make compliance easier than ever.  Using Falcon’s Connected Kitchen system, the products will also warn staff instantly if anything is wrong in terms of operating parameters –such as a regen oven not reaching the correct temperature – allowing service engineers to quickly correct a potential issue and minimise downtime.  

The Vario-Therm’s microwave oven offers the latest in contactless cooking – allowing busy staff to cook and serve food quickly and without fuss. An integrated barcode scanning system recognises the food being loaded into the oven and proceeds to cook it to perfection.  

Vario-Therm is designed to be compatible with both cook chill and cook serve operations.  “From the kitchen to the point of food service, it’s convenient, mobile, flexible, efficient and connected,” says Lawrence Hughes, sales director of Falcon.  

The diversity of the Vario-Therm Series reflects the markets it is designed for.  “For example, in hospitals food may be cooked and regenerated in bulk in the main kitchen, then transported to the wards where it is served.  We have the products to do that,” says Hughes.  “Or they may cook and serve on the ward, which requires a different suite of appliances – also covered in Vario-Therm.”  

Vario-Therm is equally suited to educational catering, where the mobile food serveries are ideal for utilising multi-purpose spaces such as school halls.  “At lunchtime the Vario-Therm serveries can be wheeled out to create an efficient and attractive service area.  After lunch, they can be wheeled off to be stored out of the way.”   
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