Falcon Angel Fryer is here to protect your kitchen

Falcon’s “must have” Angel Fryer ensures fryer safety in commercial kitchens

floatting-thuimb02.jpgFalcon has launched an integrated sensor system that monitors and detects low oil levels in deep fat fryers to prevent flare-ups and fires. The Falcon Angel Fryer is an option integrated into the company’s high-performance 400 Series fryers and is available on both gas and electric single pan models.

Fryers are one of the most common causes of kitchen fires in commercial kitchens, as emphasised by the fact that in 2019 the London Fire Brigade attended 70 fires started by deep fat fryers.  A key catalyst for the fires is that the oil level gets too low.  The Falcon  Angel Fryer works by constantly monitoring the fryer’s oil level and, if it starts getting low, it sounds an alert.  If the level goes below the sensor’s minimum then the Falcon Angel Fryer switches off power to the fryer.  The only way to power the unit back up is to top up the oil.    

The Falcon Angel Fryer is a completely new concept,” says Lawrence Hughes, sales director of Falcon.  “It raises the standard of safety and fire prevention for commercial fryers to a whole new level.  We believe it has the potential to become a must-have for any professional kitchen.”  

Following rigorous trials in Falcon’s NPD laboratory and development kitchen, the Falcon Angel Fryer has been approved by the BSI as well as being independently validated by KIWA, the leading testing, inspection and certification body.  Subsequently it has also been trialled in the field.  “At one of the trial sites we got a call saying they couldn’t get the fryer to turn on,” says Hughes.  “It transpired that there was no oil in the pan, meaning the Angel Fryer was doing its job well!

The Falcon Angel Fryer incorporates the latest sensing technology.  By preventing fires and flare ups it will protect staff, customers and facilities, giving operators peace of mind and security.”  

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