Falcon launches simple to use, versatile flexi pan

Latest F900 appliance is compact, multifunctional and easy to work with

Falcon's new Flexi Pan

Falcon’s latest addition to its F900 Series is a flexi pan, model E9941.  A multifunctional unit, it can shallow fry, griddle, boil, stew, poach, braise and, with the optional steaming tray and lid accessory, steam.  The unit is very easy to operate, with the control panel displaying the optimum setting for the main cooking methods.  Meanwhile its compact profile – it’s just 400mm wide – and the fact that it needs no plumbing means it can be easily added into the kitchen.  

In common with the F900 range, it’s attractively designed and features Falcon’s Dynamic Link System, so it can be almost seamlessly suited to other F900 appliances, making it ideal for both back- and front-of-house installations.  

Being a Falcon appliance, the E9941 is built to last, made of 304 grade stainless steel with a 10mm thick tank base.  Running off a 3-phase 32 amp supply, performance is fast and the temperature control is accurate, with the cooking heat spread evenly across the base.  The 14.7 litre pan, which is GN 1/1 compatible, will hold up to 8kg and has a temperature range of 60-280°C.  The unit is IPX5 water resistant.  

Falcon’s compact flexi pan is designed to be as simple as possible to install, use and clean.  The manual water fill means there’s no need to connect a water supply.  The 200mm deep GN 1/1 tray fitted in the cabinet below the pan makes it easy to decant stews and soups.  The pan retains its heat, therefore food can be kept warm before service without overcooking.  It’s also fast and easy to clean, with the cabinet’s internal corners being rounded to easily wipe clean any splashes when decanting pan contents.  

This is a very versatile appliance,” says Shaune Hall, Falcon’s Product Development Chef. “It’s essentially a mini-bratt pan, large pot, sauté pan, wok, griddle and pan steamer in one.  It can even be used as a bain marie. This flexibility, coupled with the simple controls and ease of cleaning makes the E9941 a real asset to any kitchen.”  

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