Falcon Foodservice Introduces Range of High Speed Ovens

New Oracle Oven from Lainox is compact, versatile and ultra-fast

We're delighted to introduce a new range of high speed ovens designed for use in areas where space is limited and speed and quality are essential. 

Called the Oracle, the ovens incorporate three different methods of heat delivery, microwave, convection and impingement, giving incredibly fast cooking with superior toasting and browning. Each method can be programmed individually to give the desired results in a fraction of the time of conventional appliances.

The combination of cooking technologies makes the Oracle a very versatile appliance, capable of cooking, grilling and toasting, as well as defrosting and regenerating fresh and frozen food. It’s perfect for preparing hot sandwiches, pastries or pizza, as well as a variety of meat, fish and vegetable dishes.

Measuring just 358mm wide it’s the ideal solution for front of house cooking and small kitchens.  Installation is easy as it doesn’t require an extraction hood, due to the onboard ventless technology. The Oracle is available in three versions: as well as single phase and three phase, there’s even a model powered by a standard 13A plug socket, allowing businesses to take advantage of the advanced multifunctional appliance no matter what their power supply limitations.

It’s capable of holding a pizza with a diameter of 300mm, which can be cooked to perfection, from frozen, in as little as one and a half minutes.  Meanwhile the Oracle can toast a gourmet sandwich in just 30 seconds, or cook chicken with potato wedges in only two and a half minutes. 

The Oracle is controlled through a seven inch touch screen, which uses a customisable, image-based menu that is simple to use, helping to eliminate issues caused by language barriers. Cleaning is quick and easy, thanks to the interior’s non-stick coating.  The new oven features Wi-Fi connectivity, as well as USB and Ethernet, so it’s simple to update menus and programs.

Falcon backs the Oracle with the company’s comprehensive customer service package, including menu development, chef support and technical assistance.  The company also offers a comprehensive range of accessories for the oven, including Teflon trays, stone plates and specially developed cleaning chemicals.  

Find out more about Oracle here


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