What Does Falcon Mean to You?

As part of our 200 year celebrations, we are inviting key personalities within the foodservice industry to tell us what Falcon means to them.

What Does Falcon Mean To...

Paul Emberton

Managing Director at Axon Enterprises

What does Falcon mean to you?

"Falcon has been a close and trusted trading partner for over 25 years; a UK manufacturer that produces quality, very reliable commercial catering equipment. It is a company with integrity, committed not only to its relationships with its employees, suppliers, customers, but also to continuous improvement of its products. Throughout our time working together Falcon has become a trading partner with whom we can have open and honest discussions for the benefit of all stakeholders.  And, whom when those difficult moments in business arise, resolution is speedy and with due consideration to all."

Sum up Falcon in three words…

"Reliability, Integrity, Partnership."

Do you have a Falcon (equipment) memory you can share?

"For me my first visit to the development kitchen in the very capable hands of Neil Roseweir (then development chef at Falcon) showed the warmth and humour needed in any business relationship.

He was able to demonstrate how the Falcon equipment fitted the needs of a chef and how the range of products competently handled the various styles of cooking. I and the staff at Axon have since visited many times and the training provided has been invaluable in enhancing our abilities to promote the Falcon product range.

Shaune Hall has now taken the role, following Neil’s retirement, and continues to offer fantastic support. I would recommend anyone in the industry who has questions about the Falcon product range to utilise Shaune – he’s a highly effective resource!"

Do you have a favourite piece of Falcon equipment? Is there a piece of Falcon equipment could you not do without? Or, what piece of Falcon equipment or Falcon range of equipment would you recommend?

"For Axon the Dominator family has been the backbone of the product range offered by Falcon.

The G3101 6 burner range has maintained its market leading position offering a very reliable product which is able to undertake 10 different styles of cooking. Falcon Dominator equipment “does what is says on the tin”, delivering the quality and reliability that every commercial kitchen needs."

It’s Falcon’s 200th birthday – what do you want to say to them?

"First and foremost, warmest congratulations on an incredible achievement. To sustain UK manufacture for 200 years in any sector is testament to a business that must be able to innovate, adapt to changing business environments, develop its people and listen to its customer needs.

Falcon has excelled in all those areas and we wish them a very happy birthday and continued success."

What Does Falcon Mean To...