What Does Falcon Mean to You?

As part of our 200 year celebrations, we are inviting key personalities within the foodservice industry to tell us what Falcon means to them.

What Does Falcon Mean To...

Gary Maclean

MasterChef: The Professionals Champion 2016, Award-winning Chef and City of Glasgow College Lecturer

"Being a chef for over 30 years, the Falcon name, brand and logo has always been there. It’s a great Scottish brand. I am a proud Scotsman, so that means a huge amount to me personally. I am also proud to be associated with a quality British, Scottish product.

What is so good is that it is really common to see the Falcon logo and Falcon equipment in all the professional cooking shows on TV. That tells me that professionals are choosing Falcon as their preferred choice of equipment."

Sum up Falcon in three words

"Reliable, Scottish, Value"

Do you have Falcon equipment memory you can share?

"I am a lecturer at City of Glasgow College and here there are probably 15 teaching kitchens - all of them have Falcon equipment. I have been buying Falcon for my whole career, and have never been disappointed.

Currently across the 15 kitchens there are close to 80 Falcon cookers. The College also has kitchens using Falcon induction.

During the course of a year, our kitchens see over 1500 students pass through them. During their time here they would be exposed to a range of Falcon equipment. The students vary from school leavers experiencing a professional kitchen for the very first time, to those from industry. We also have daytime and evening courses for part time students. For many this may be the first time they have cooked on a commercial kitchen range.

My memory was the first time that I was involved in the design and buying process. This was in a restaurant called ‘YES’ in Glasgow in 1999. I was there for about 3 years and it was my choice to buy a Falcon range.

Some of the guys from Falcon came over to meet with me to see how the range was working and during the conversation I suggested that they call it the ‘Dominator.’  I suggested it because I felt it was such a major part of my kitchen. So, in part, I feel that I can take some credit for the name of that great range."

Do you have a favourite piece of equipment or what piece of equipment could you not do without or what piece of Falcon equipment or Falcon range of equipment would you recommend?

"In my experience the piece of equipment that forms the backbone of most British commercial kitchens is the 6-burner Dominator. It’s a real workhorse.

However, for me, my favourite is the induction hob range with the fan oven underneath. I would choose this as my favourite piece of Falcon equipment. If I were talking to anyone who was designing and buying a kitchen today, that piece would be my first choice.

It’s my first choice due to the energy savings, the heat saving and of course the cost saving. I think that induction is the only way to go. I appreciate induction is an investment in terms of capital outlay but the payback is good. In my opinion, new kitchens must look to move away from gas. If I had the opportunity to design a kitchen today, I would absolutely choose induction."

It’s Falcon’s 200th birthday – what do you want say to them?

"My message is ‘Well done, what an amazing achievement!’ I cannot think of another company in the foodservice equipment supplier business that is 200 years old. Let’s hope they grow bigger and stronger."


About Gary

A multi-award winning chef, Gary has been involved in the industry from his early career, working in hotels before opening his own restaurant as head chef in Glasgow at the age of 30. His dedication to the industry has continued to grow, going on to run the kitchens at Glasgow's Gallery of Modern Art and the Burrell Collection and holding executive chef positions at two of Scotland's biggest independent operators. 

Gary's extraordinary culinary and competitive skills clearly won over the hearts of the UK TV audience when being crowned MasterChef: The Professionals Champion 2016. Known to be a passionate educator, Gary is driven by his current role as Senior Chef Lecturer at City of Glasgow College through the mentoring and sharing of his excellent knowledge on the importance of culinary and creative cooking to young chefs. 

What Does Falcon Mean To...