Buying an oven range

An Oven Range is a cooking device that enables the operator to perform at least 10 out of the 12 cookery methods. This is achieved through gas or electricity, or a combination of the two. The oven range is always the corner stone of any commerical and professional kitchen, the foundation upon which an operation will base their cuisine, menu and output.  

The range occupies the prime position in the kitchen's cookline. It is often the case that there are more than one oven range within a cookline or island suite. It is also very common to have varients of oven ranges, such as solid top, electric hotplates, 4 or six hob. The range will produce the majority of the culinary actions required to produce food for a dish. It is also not uncommon to find that entire menus and dishes are completed on and in an oven range.

Achieving so many cookery methods from within a small footprint is an accomplished development and design marvel. The ability to perform 10 out of the 12 cookery methods is achieved through two devices combined into one unit. A hob incorporating an intergrated oven below the hob, both with sufficient individual performance. 

Driving the performance of oven ranges, whether gas or electric, are modern and energy efficient burners and elements. There appears to be a swing towards purchasing or replacing gas equipment with their electric equivalents, in order to reduce operational carbon footprint. As this may well be the case, gas is still very relevant and often more cost effective and cheaper to operate. Looking forward, fossil fuels will eventually be replaced by greener energy and a difinitive move towards renewable energy. 

The decision which model and type of range to purchase will most likely be influenced by the following factors: cost, operational cost, energy and space available on site, output, menu and staffing.                                                                                                                                                                                  When buying oven ranges it is vital that you compare like for like, as there are differences in the components used, build quality, reliability and ease of use. This article tries to explain what to look for when buying oven ranges.

Lifetime hours

How long will the product last? The lifetime hours of a product is an indication of how long you can expect it to operate without a decrease in performance. Although difficult to accurately state the lifetime of a specific piece of equipment, various factors play a role that affect the actual performance and longevity of units. These are: what type of operation, operational hours, output and or numbers catered for, menu style, types of food cooked and very importantly, the level of experience and qualified staff operating the equipment.

It is important to select equipment that suit your budget, however equally important is to review quality vs price. Always buy equipment from a reputable supplier and indicate those brand/s you wish to consider, which should be based on industry reputation, build and assembly quality, performance, reliability and after sales customer care / technical assistance. Case studies, references and the ability to try before you buy, are also most helpful. Product Development Chefs are excellent sources to assist you with this, often difficult decision making.

Power rating

Different Falcon brands and models offer a variety of power ratings per device, affording the potential operator to select that equipment which is most suitable, sufficient and efficient, for their specific business. Spread across both gas and electric unit, the options are very comprehensive.

From semi-professional light duty, to medium duty and then high performance heavy duty equipment, there will an oven range that meet your requirements. 


Model type

There are so many different types of units available these days - four or six burner, three, four or six hotplate and or solid top oven ranges, in either electric, gas or a combination of the two. What model is right for you is dependent on a number of factors, as previously mentioned, however in addition, considerations such as sufficient extraction, physical space and actual location will play a role in your current kitchen. Ranges are the most expensive options, however it does provide the greatest amount of versatility and capacity.

Gas or Electric may not always the best choice

Where there is the possiblity to consider induction, although a more expensive option, this modern technology offer so many additional benefits, both for the end user and the business, including energy savings, faster heat up times, easy cleaning and instantly controllable heat. Falcon has been and continue to develop and manufacture market leading induction oven ranges.

Making the right choice

Buying any major piece of commercial catering equipment is a significant expense so it is important to choose the correct one. The surest way to get it right is to talk to our development chef. He is on hand to offer impartial advice as to what would be the most suitable option for your business. You may even want to consider a visit to our development kitchen for some hands-on testing.


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