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In this section chef Shaune answers some of your queries and offers some great advice on getting the most from your Falcon equipment.


Some commonly asked questions:



How long does the gas chargrill take to heat up before it is ready to cook?

It takes 40 minutes for the chargrill to heat up to cooking temperature.

What is the capacity of the water trough under the chargrill?

The approximate capacities are as follows: G31525 = 10 litres; G31225 = 8 litres; G3925 = 6 litres; G3625 = 4 litres and G3425 = 2.5 litres.

Will I need to top he water trough up during lunch/dinner service?

Yes, the water will evaporate during service so it is advisable to check the water level regularly, topping up when required.



Can my four zone induction hob hold more than four pots?
Yes, you can use more than four pots on a four zone induction hob. This is dependent upon size of pot but you can comfortably have more than 1 pot on each zone. However, please be aware that this will affect efficiency.

How strong is the glass top?

The glass top has to pass what is called a 'drop test' in order for it to be approved for sale. This involves dropping an 8 inch diameter pot weighing 4kg onto the glass hob from a height of 150mm several times.

With the Dominator Plus induction range, why can’t the oven be 2/1 GN compatible?

At present, it is impossible to fit the necessary components of the induction hob into a standard 900mm wide unit and retain the 2/1 gastronorm oven. However, there are F900 induction ranges available with a 2/1 GN oven but these are 1000mm wide.

Filtration Fryers

How much longer will my oil last with a filtration fryer as opposed to the non-filtration model?

This is a very difficult question to answer as there are many variables to take into account - food being fried, quantity, temperature of food, temperature of oil, barrier fried in (i.e. breadcrumbs, batter etc), service times etc

Can I filter the fryer when the oil is still hot?

Yes, up to a temperature of 175°C.

What’s the best way to preserve the life of my cooking oil?

Regular filtration and skimming are the most effective methods.

There are so many different models of fryer available. Which one is right for my business?

Without understanding your business, it is impossible to answer this question. However, our Buying a Fryer guide will help you narrow down the selection.

How often should I filter my oil?

The more often you filter your oil, the longer it will last. The quality of the oil will be better for longer as well. In terms of how often, it depends on how often your fryer is in operation. It is certainly worthwhile filtering at the end of every service period or at least once per day but in busier establishments it may be worthwhile to filter more regularly than this.


Chrome Griddles

How do I clean my F900 chrome griddle?

Applicable models E9541CR, E9581CR, G9541CR, G9481CR

I have created a thorough cleaning guide for all F900 chrome griddles, read more here.


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