Lainox Live Is Back - this time it's boosted!

First chance for UK audience to see first-hand the new Lainox Boosted ovens in action

Chef-with-Naboo-Boosted.jpgNow that the COVID lockdown is easing and the hospitality sector begins to open back up, we're delighted to be announcing the return of our Lainox Live events. These combi oven demonstrations give attendees the opportunity to see our chefs put the new Lainox Boosted models through their paces, highlighting all the fabulous features and cooking modes contained within these ovens, and best of all after a year of Zoom webinars, the chance to taste the results!

Lainox's top of the range NABOO BOOSTED models are more powerful, more efficient and smaller than ever before and are packed full of features that make kitchen staff's life easier and ensure quality and consistency of results. Easy to operate via touch screen tablet-style controls, unlimited recipe storage, customisable home screen and one touch cooking are just a few of the benefits of NABOO BOOSTED. Cooking modes such as Multilevel, Just-in-Time and Overnight ensure the oven can perform all of the processes a busy kitchen demands and the Vapour Cleaning System with its seven different cleaning programmes makes keeping the oven in perfect condition simple.

SAPIENS BOOSTED models are ideal for those operators who prefer a more hands-on, manual way of working. Offering the same great cooking performance as the NABOO BOOSTED, these models are controlled via alphanumeric screens and scrollers, with a 3.5" LCD screen used to access saved recipes, cleaning programmes and various other settings.

The first Lainox Live event takes place on Wednesday 2nd June from 11.00-13.00 hours at:

First Choice Catering Spares

Blakeney Way, Kingswood Lakeside,

Cannock, Staffordshire, WS11 8LD

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