Falcon’s new twin pan gas fryer helps kitchens save!

The G3845 saves money, saves space and saves energy

Falcon's new twin pan gas fryerFalcon has expanded its market-leading Dominator Plus range with the launch of a new twin pan gas fryer that offers many benefits to caterers.

At only 450mm wide, the G3845 is the slimmest twin pan model in the Dominator Plus portfolio, making it ideal for any kitchen that requires the flexibility, efficiency and cooking confidence that a twin pan fryer offers. The pans are independently controlled so operators can save money and oil by only using one pan during quieter periods. Caterers can also be sure that they are able to securely meet any specific dietary requirements of customers with the twin pans offering the ability to use a different cooking medium than that used for standard menu items, as well as minimising the risk of oil cross contamination.

For added convenience, there is also a variation with in-built filtration. This model, the G3845F, has twin filtration systems, including individual pumps, filters, mesh and drain buckets, which allows one pan to be filtered while the other is being used. Being able to frequently and easily filter oil, even during service periods, can double the lifespan of the oil and maintains food quality, not to mention making life much easier for kitchen personnel. 

Shaune Hall, Falcon’s Product Development Chef commented “The G3845 fryer offers fast, accurate and controlled cooking. It heats up fast, the temperature controls are really precise and the twin pans give a much higher degree of control to your cooking and menu. It’s also very easy to clean. 

Each pan holds 12.8 litres of oil and is powered by an 11.4kW burner, resulting in fast heat up and recovery times, with a total output of 34kg of chips per hour.  Both models are supplied with fryplates, baskets and lid as standard.

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